Luck plays an enormous role in gambling, so when you lose, it can be easy to wonder if the casino games are deliberately trying to steal your money. However, casinos are businesses and need to make a profit in order to stay open; this doesn’t mean they are intentionally manipulating games to cause you to lose, rather following a set percentage that’s preprogrammed into each game – one common misconception about gambling is that its house edge percentage remains an insider secret; in actuality it can easily be calculated or even found online – one such misconception can easily found online or calculated online as soon as the casino opens its doors.

When it comes to identifying whether or not a game is rigged, look out for certain indicators. First off, if the payout percentage for any particular game doesn’t appear on either its layout table or options menu for slot machines that should raise red flags immediately. Furthermore, if particular odds don’t seem randomly generated and/or repeat themselves frequently on screen then that could also indicate something amiss.

Many players harbor misgivings regarding slot machines, believing them to be designed specifically to take their money. Although a house edge exists within each game, this does not equate to being intentionally set against you; rather it represents simply an average that takes into account frequency of winning and losing for every combination of bets, as well as statistical averages over millions of spins, rolls, hands, or handle pulls; making it nearly impossible for any casino to cheat by manipulating odds in one short session.

Slot machines can only ever be considered “rigged” when they experience a malfunction, which is rare and usually caused by issues with its internal computer or RNG system. Therefore, it’s essential that you select an established casino with clearly displayed RNG systems which have been verified by independent third-party organizations. If your play shows any patterns which suggest otherwise then this could be an indicator that they’re dishonest with you and it should be avoided altogether.